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Male 1774 - 1858  (84 years)


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Rev Joseph Lakelin 1774-1858

He was born in the year 1774 in Birmingham, England. At this time the population of the town was expanding rapidly. By 1700, a gentleman by the name of William Westley had drawn up a town plan and calculated the population of Birmingham as 15,000. By 1750 the town’s population had doubled by people immigrating from the surrounding towns and villages. Birmingham was gaining a reputation as a town where things were really progressing. It was becoming a trading and manufacturing town of status. Nails, metalwork, and anything made of iron were being exported to London and Europe. Birmingham had a monopoly. The change to industrialisation had taken hold by the time Joseph was born. Mills were springing up all around the town. Corn mills were being converted to the production of metal rolling and ironwork. Birmingham was importing iron from Europe and made steel in its factories.. The town was rapidly establishing a reputation for quality goods at prices that undercut industry elsewhere. Gun making, toymakers and button makers were sending their wares around the world. This period of history has been described as Birmingham’s ‘Golden Age’. The town of Birmingham already had a rich cultural mix of settlers from Europe and beyond. It also suffered from dissenters. These were people who disagreed with the tenets of the established Church of England. As a result Birmingham erupted in violence in 1791. They even built a military barracks in 1793 at Ashted to ensure that law and order could be maintained. Joseph Lakelin’s family would have been among these dissenters throughout his early years living in Birmingham. He may indeed have witnessed or certainly been aware of such hostilities.

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